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It’s really quite simple. To attach your ponytail holder to the elastic band, simply loop starting from one end from left to right! Watch the video above to see a demonstration on how easy it is!

Create your own ponytail holder with URCHINS custom ponytail holder. Simply attach a rubber band, and decorate your blank cuff to your desire and you have a lovely hair accessory. The best part is that you made it yourself!

Urchins are great projects for slumber parties, girl scouts, room moms, indian princesses and more! Watch as these lovely little ladies create their own custom ponytail holder using all their own materials.

Learn to make your very own custom URCHINS cuff! Simply follow the instructions in the video and begin creating. Get your creative juices flowing!

There are endless options when it comes to making a DIY URCHINS Headband. These are great for team sports, sleepovers, or any time you want a fun DIY activity. Watch our video to learn exactly what you’ll need to make your very own custom headband.